Update to our Citizens regarding the Pendleton Volunteer Fire Department

Update to our Citizens:

The Mayor and Town Council, along with the Fire Department, recognize that there are some concerns associated with the construction of the new Fire Department and would like to give a joint update on the project. Although the Town and the Fire Department are separate Governmental Organizations, the Fire Department has invited the Town to take a more active role in the development of this project.

Following the Council meeting, representatives of the Town and the Fire Department where able to meet and had a very productive discussion about the construction of the new fire department. With the assistance of the Appalachian Council of Governments and GMC Engineering, both organizations will be working in the upcoming months to address some of the concerns heard at our recent Council meeting. In the upcoming months we will be jointly developing a more comprehensive plan on the Station and will host a public meeting for citizens to review the initial design.

We would like to thank everyone for sharing their concerns. Please stay turned for more information.