Frank Crenshaw

Town Council Members

Lyn Merchant
Ward 1

Barbara Hamberg
Ward 7

Vince Gaulin
Ward 3

Jeff Van Drie
Ward 4

Town Council Meetings

The Pendleton Town Council meets the first Tuesday of each month at 7 pm in the Council Chambers of Town Hall.

The Town Council uses a set of rules to govern the conduct of its meetings. These “Rules of Procedure” are for the convenience of those attending the meeting as well as for Town Council members. The schedule for a Council meeting is shown on the Agenda. An Agenda is simply a list of business items to be considered by Town Council at the meeting.

Election Commission and Information

An Election Commission was appointed by Town Council to hold all municipal elections.

All elections are non-partisan (no party affiliation.)

All elections are at-large elections (all registered voters may vote in all elections.)

Election Commission Members
Teresa Horton
TJ Shirley
Kathy Clark


The mission of the Town of Pendleton is to govern responsibly with leadership that is committed to: enhancing the quality of life; continually improving services; and embracing the diversity of our community.


The vision for the Town of Pendleton is to: build a modern responsive government; provide cooperative, diverse leadership; promote a regional approach to services; focus on improving public infrastructure; and act as a catalyst for economic development.


  • Strengthening each other and the organization through dedication and teamwork
  • Recognizing and respecting diversity and encouraging opinions of the community and workforce
  • Committing to Excellence and Service
  • Encouraging creativity and supporting problem solving
  • Accepting responsibility and accountability
  • Demonstrating integrity and honesty in all aspects of service
  • Promoting and maintaining open and constructive communication
  • Encouraging skill development and professional growth