After due notice to the press, Mayor and Town Council met in the Gymnasium at Pendleton Elementary School. Mayor and all Council were present.



Sonya Crandall, Town Intern, and Dr. Catherine Mobley, Clemson University, present everyone in attendance with results of the Public Safety survey.



Bill Kester thanked the Town for publicizing the meeting as well as they did and asked a few questions of Dr. Mobley and Sonya Crandall.


Jacky Grossman stated if Pendleton were going to be compared to Central, she would like to see numbers that are more specific.


Powell Hickman stated he wondered if the survey was done today, would the results still be the same. He further stated it is risky getting involved with police business with all the horror stories we are seeing in the news now.


Nancy von Meyer asked a few questions of Sonya Crandall and Dr. Mobley and further stated she was curious to numbers prior to 2006.


Bill von Meyer stated he has had a number of incidents at his property and whatever is done, it must reduce response times. He further stated that old dilapidated buildings harbor drug dealers.


Kerry Walker asked does not having a police force affect us economically. Steve Miller, Town Administrator, stated he was not sure that could be weighed effectively in order to answer yes or no.


Bill Kester asked what the timeline was for Council making a decision. Mayor Crenshaw stated the budget for fiscal year 2015/2016 will have to be passed by June 30, 2015, to take effect July 1, 2015.


Jerry Sloan asked how the town plans to operate a three man Police Department. Mayor Crenshaw stated the town would still rely on assistance from the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office.


Michael Brown stated that with one officer per shift, the response time would not decrease due to waiting on the County for backup.


Nancy von Meyer stated cameras could be installed in public places, creating Pendleton Cam.


Sonya Crandall stated the entire result document will be available on the Town’s website within the next week.




There being no further business, at 7:21 pm Scott Ward made a motion to adjourn. Denise Jackson seconded. Unanimous.