Public Hearing – Town of Pendleton Central Road Pump Station

A public hearing will be held by the Town of Pendleton on June 6, 2024, at 4 pm in the Pendleton Town Hall located at 310 Greenville Street for the purpose of considering the following:
Town of Pendleton Central Road Pump Station Replacement
Rationale for the Selected Alternative
The Town of Pendleton will replace the existing Central Road Pump Station with a new pump station. Construction of the new pump station will eliminate an aging asset, reduce operational issues, ensure compliance with SCDHEC regulations for wastewater collection, and provide the opportunity to expand the service area.
Alternatives Evaluated
• Alternative 1 – No Action: This option was not further considered
• Alternative 2 – Replace and Relocate (recommended option): This alternative is more cost effective than Alternative 3 and provides the opportunity to install a new pump station in a more ideal location.
• Alternative 3 – Eliminate with Gravity Sewer: The significant capital cost of the gravity sewer necessary to eliminate the pump station make this alternative unfavorable.
The Environmental and Financial Impacts of the Selected Alternative
This project is financed by the South Carolina State Revolving Fund and the Town of Pendleton. The estimated total construction cost of the proposed project is $889,140. Planning and design, land acquisition, and legal and appraisal costs are $210,140.
Based on a preliminary study there were no notable, lasting impacts to the environment cause by this project.