Duke Energy
Duke Energy supplies and distributes ample electric power at competitive rates for all residential, commercial and industrial needs. To open an account, contact Duke Energy at 800-777-9898. A deposit may be required.

Fort Hill Natural Gas Co – Fort Hill Natural Gas Company supplies and distributes natural gas for all residential, commercial and industrial needs. To open an account, contact Fort Hill Natural Gas at 864-882-8126. A deposit may be required.

Town of Pendleton Water Works – Pendleton Water Works offers water services to homeowners and possibly those renting a house. You will need to open a utilities account with the Town of Pendleton. Utility bills are mailed to customers monthly and rates are dependent upon usage and in-town vs. out-of-town status. Call 864-646-3622. A deposit may be required.

Sandy Springs Water District – Sandy Springs is a community owned water system committed to providing its customers with a dependable supply of clean water at reasonable rates. Please call 864-646-7729 to inquire about which water district you are in.

AT&T – Order, Billing and other services call 1-888-757-6500. A deposit may be required. http://www.attinternetservice.com/

Garbage & Recycling
Town of Pendleton – The Town of Pendleton offers curbside pickup of garbage and recycling for residents and bulk container pickup for businesses. Contact Town Hall at 864-646-9409 for more information and for the most current rate schedule.

Utility Billing

The Utility Billing Administration Department is committed to providing leadership and direction to insure that our water, sewer and sanitation customers are billed in an efficient and equitable manner; monitor cash flow and aged accounts receivable; annually review water, sewer and sanitation rate structures to insure adequate coverage of operating and debt service costs.

The Town provides assistance in solving customers’ problems and concerns; provides utility customers and prospective customers with information detailing rates and fees; maintains a professional up-to-date data processing system.

Utility Billing is located in the Town of Pendleton Municipal Complex at 310 Greenville Street.

Business Hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday – Friday

Telephone: 864-646-9409

Water emergencies after hours: 864-646-9073

Payment options: Online Pay, Bank Draft, Check, Credit Card (Visa, MC or Discover), Debit Card or Cash. A payment Drop Box is also located in our parking lot for after-hours convenience.

New Service Customers must apply in person. Picture ID such as driver’s license and Social Security Card (or any ID with the SS# included) are required. Also, provide proof of home ownership or provide copy of rental/lease agreement. Deposit and connection fees vary. Please contact a Utility Billing Representative for more information.