Many leaks equal low water pressure

Notice to our Citizens,

Public Works crews are working diligently to repair all water leaks in Town. They have repaired leaks at Mechanic and Micasa, W. Queen and the alley behind Mechanic Street and Jackson and Morse Streets.

Crews are finishing up on N. Elm & Main Streets, and the Town has a contractor working on Long Road today.

They currently have leaks waiting repairs at the following locations:

318 S. Elm Street

117 S. Elm Street

333 Winston Street

210 Westminster

Post Office on Mechanic side

602 Swaney Lane

Church & Maxwell Streets

Church & Maxwell Streets, S. Elm Street, and the Post Office will be next.  This could change based on severity, danger, or loss of service on these or new leaks popping up.

Please be patient as crews work to make the necessary repairs. You will likely experience low water pressure in some areas. The cold weather combined with yearly water tower maintenance has increased the number of leaks throughout town. If you have any questions, or need additional information, please call Town Hall at 864-646-9409.