To report an Animal Control issue, call (864)646-9073, Monday – Friday 8 am to 5 pm. After-hours service is only available for life-threatening situations. Call 9-1-1.

The mission of Code Enforcement is to create an environment of compliance with the current Town Ordinances. This is to be accomplished through firsthand observation and rapid response to reported violations followed by immediate recognition of those violations by issuing written warnings and, when necessary, citations.

It is the goal of Code Enforcement to allow a reasonable amount of time after written notice for the violating party to come into compliance with the ordinance. Issuance of citations is a last resort and will occur only when it is clear that the violating party is not going to resolve the violation in a timely manner without such action.

If a citizen or visitor chooses to report a violation or thinks that there may be a violation of one of the Town’s Ordinances, that person is encouraged to contact Town Hall by calling (864)646-9409 or emailing Animal Control violations may be directed to Town Hall by calling (864)646-9409.

When reporting a violation, please have the following information available: a) A description of the violation, b) Address where the violation is occurring, c) How long the violation has be going on, d) Contact information if you would like confirmation that the Town has received your report or want to be updated on the progress of Code Enforcement.

The identity of the person(s) reporting the violation will be kept confidential.

The following items are codes violations commonly reported in Pendleton:*

  • Abandoned Vehicles – (ZO 1108) Vehicles without current registration should be stored in a garage or carport.
  • Accessory Buildings – (ZO 1102) Accessory buildings in residential neighborhoods should not exceed two (2) in number if a new accessory structure has been added since May 4, 2009.
  • Appliances – (MC 130.08) Household appliances should not be left outdoors.
  • Brush – (MC 91.02) Abnormal amounts of brush and trimmings should be removed by the owner or contractor.
  • Business Licenses – (MC 110) Any business operating in Town for gain or profit should have an updated business license issued from Town Hall.
  • Temporary Signs – (ZO 902) Temporary signs should not be off-premise or in the right-of-way and should not be up for greater than thirty (30) days in a three month period. Personal expression signs may remain on private property indefinitely.
  • Dilapidated Signs – (ZO 902) Signs should not appear broken or in decline.
  • Unfit Dwellings – (MC 151) Dwellings should not appear in bad repair or in a significant state of decline.
  • High Grass or excessive weeds – (MC 91.05) Grass and weeds should be kept mowed to avoid the harborage of mosquitos and animals.
  • Junk on lots – (MC 91.05) Junk should be disposed of properly and should not accumulate on a property.
  • Leaves in drainage ditches – (MC 91.01 & 91.02) Leaves or other trimmings should not be disposed of in drainage ditches.
  • Litter – (MC 130.05) Litter should not be dumped or disposed of on public or private property except in appropriate litter containers. Dumping trash from a private property in containers other than those specifically provided to that property by the Town is also a violation.
  • Open burning – (MC 91.06) Fires built for the purpose of cooking or small recreational fires are allowed provided that the smoke does not cause a nuisance to neighboring properties. Any other open burning is not allowed.
  • Intersection Sight Clearance – (ZO 901.3) Corners of intersections should be kept clear of foliage or other obstructions so as to allow clear vision of intersecting streets.
  • Roll Carts – (MC 51.09) Roll carts should be returned to their storage location no later than 9:00pm of the trash pickup date.
  • MC = Municipal Code
  • ZO = Zoning Ordinance Section

*All items include a description of a possible violation. For the actual codes, contact the Code Enforcement Officer or check under the Town Ordinances section on this website.