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Budget FY 2022/2023

Budget Calendar for 2023/2024

Property Tax Summary

How many types of Property Classifications are there?

The South Carolina Constitution provides for the following ratios to be applied to the market or use value of property to arrive at the assessed value:

  1. Owner Occupied Property. This is the legal residence of the owner. Taxes are assessed at 4%. Owner of property is required to apply for legal residency with Anderson County. Failure to do so will result in taxes being assessed at 6%.
  2. Agricultural Property. This is property which is bona fide agricultural property. Taxes are assessed at 4%.
  3. All Other Property. This is property which is neither owner-occupied nor agricultural property. This includes commercial businesses, vacant houses, rental houses, vacant land, etc. Taxes are assessed at 6%.


How do I request corrections or changes to my tax notices?
All changes or corrections must be done through Anderson County Assessor’s Office at 401 E. River Street in Anderson. (864) 260-4028

Please note: Anderson County collects and bills town taxes. Any questions in regards to taxes should be directed to Anderson County Assessor’s Office at the above number. No payments can be accepted by the Town at this time.

How are my property taxes calculated?
Market Value x Assessment Ratio = Assessment x Milage = Property Taxes
Example: $85,000 x .04 = 3,400 x .127 = $431.81

$85,000 x .06 = 5,100 x .127 = $647.70

Homestead Exemption status is also available for qualified applicants. Qualifications are:

  1. 65 years or older;
  2. Be declared totally or permanently disabled;
  3. Be legally blind with a statement from the Commission of the Blind
  4. At least 50 years of age with a deceased spouse who was eligible.


Homestead Exemption status allows individual home owners to deduct the allowable amount per State Law from the Market Value of Property each year. Home exemption amount is $50,000.

Example: Market Value – Home Exemption x Assessment Ratio = Assessment x Mileage = Property Tax. $85,000 – $50,000 = $35,000 x .04 = $1,400 x .127 = $177.80

Homestead Exemption must be filed with the County Auditor’s office at 401 E. River Street Anderson (864)260-4027