An Update to Our Community…

To Our Pendleton Community,

We want to give an update on the steps our municipality is taking to protect our employees and the community against COVID-19.

Over the last week, our lives have changed, and the far-reaching implications are yet to be seen. The Mayor and Town Council, along with the staff, are remaining up to date with the Executive Orders by Governor McMaster’s.  We feel these orders are addressing the critical needs that our Mayor and Council would address through local emergency ordinances. Rest assured, if something happens in our community that is not addressed by Governor McMaster’s Executive Orders, your Mayor and Town Council are ready to take appropriate actions to protect the community.

The Town has not been sitting silently during this time, and our primary goal has been the continuation of essential services while keeping our employees safe. We have authorized increased patrols by the Police Department, continue to work closely with the County Emergency Operation Center to monitor and procure protective equipment for our employees and are actively reducing our contact with the public.  We continue to assist our residents, businesses, and contractors by phone and through email. As of right now, the staff is not disconnecting utility services and is encouraging residents to remain as current as they can on their utility accounts so as not to accumulate large balances. It is our goal to continue operations to the extent that we can, so we don’t add any extra burden to our residents and businesses at this time.

The Mayor and Council have been concentrating on plotting a course to recovery after this initial shock is over.  They have many ideas to sort through, including partnering with PABA, the Clemson Area Chamber of Commerce, Clemson University Small Business Group, and holding additional events on the Village Green to promote the community again.

The situation continues to evolve, and we should expect guidance to change in the coming days and even weeks. We encourage everyone to follow us on Facebook and to check our website for any updates.

We have faith that Pendleton’s community will pull together stronger after this event.  Remember to stay safe, practice social distancing, and support your local businesses!