A message to our residents,

Pendleton Oil Mill Update:

We are not oblivious to everyone’s concerns when it comes to the Pendleton Oil Mill Property. We share them too. We are as frustrated with the property owner and his unwillingness to work with us to make the needed improvements to the property.

We know everyone does not understand why the Town is not taking action of demolishing the structures. And if it were as easy as people thought it was, we promise, it would already be done.  We are not the only Town nor the only County, State or Nation that has these issues. That being said, when cities across the nation are facing this issue of dilapidated properties, there are standardized courses of actions that must be taken. Your Mayor and Council are committed to following these courses of actions in order to legally and financially protect the Town. A project of this magnitude takes many resources. The Town continues to reach out for assistance with the County, various attorney’s, EPA, SCDEC and various environmental consultants. The bottom line is we have an uncooperative property owner who will not participate voluntarily with the Town to take advantage of Federal Grants. Without this cooperation, we cannot gain access to these funds.

Currently the Town is working with developers to develop the old Fibertech Mill (original Cotton Mill on Depot Street). This public private partnership will result in saving the old structure and providing a center piece of new investment in the area.  The Town has committed to helping with new water and sewer and paving Depot St. at the cost of $300,000 versus over a million to demolish the structure.   The Town, County and State came together to provide the property tax and income tax grants that will make this project viable. This is exactly how the issue with the Oil Mill should be addressed and with the property owner’s cooperation, could be addressed with the Pendleton Oil Mill. It is this type of partnership that the Town is trying to foster with the Pendleton Oil Mill.  We have included an image below of the site plan for the public private partnership that will redevelop the old Fibertech Mill.

We have provided our citizens with the below Pendleton Oil Mill fact sheet as well as a few website links for further information. We continue to ask for your patience as we work to make these properties an asset for Pendleton.

You may read more information on Superfund sites by visiting: