Pendleton/Clemson Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant
C/O Town of Pendleton
310 Greenville Street
Pendleton, SC 29670

Telephone: (864) 646-9984

Fax: (864) 646-5529

After hours Emergency number: (864) 646-9073


Operational hours for Public: M-F 7:30AM-4:00PM

Chief Operator/Lab Director-Doris C. Wilson
Plant Operators: Paul Curley & Kenneth Fincannon
Part-time Maintenance: Toby Marcus

The Pendleton-Clemson Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant has the capacity to treat 2.0 MGD. The Treatment Plant is an Extended Aeration Activated Sludge Process System that incorporates a Mixing Basin prior to the Main Aeration Basins, to control excessive growth of filamentous bacteria. The Phosphorus removal is achieved by chemical treatment of the Effluent of the Aeration Basins to complex dissolved phosphates into particulates, which are subsequently removed in the Clarifiers along with the excess mixed liquor suspended solids, transferred from the Aeration Basins. Residual BOD5 and Orthophosphate Solids not treated prior to Clarifier Effluent are captured by Tertiary Cloth Filters, and the Effluent passes through an Ultra Violet disinfection channel and Post Aeration prior to its discharge into Eighteen Mile Creek. The Waste Activated Sludge (Biosolids) withdrawn from the Clarifiers is stabilized and thickened in our Aerobic Digester Tanks, prior to being land applied on Agricultural Fields or dewatered on Sand Drying Beds and hauled to Anderson Regional Landfill. Local Farmers in the area benefit from the Land Application of the Biosolids to their fields.

Vision Statement
Our Vision Statement is to be the Water Quality Protector on the frontline of the Water Pollution Battle.

Mission Statement
The Pendleton-Clemson Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant will protect the Environment and the Public Health of our Community by excellent treatment, proper disposal and a discharge that will not endanger any downstream water users.

Tours of the Wastewater Treatment Plant are available upon request, contact Doris C. Wilson.