To have officers dispatched you must call 864-260-4444 and as always, 9-1-1 for emergencies.

Letter from Police Chief

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Town of Pendleton’s website. The Pendleton Police Department is proud to serve the citizens and visitors of our wonderful town. We are a small town department that considers itself part of the family of people, businesses, and organizations which make Pendleton such a great place. As a part of the Town family, our mission is to, “…protect our community from harm and proactively reduce criminal activities in a professional, effective, and just manner.” While we are a small department, we have professional and experienced officers, with almost 80 years of collective experience, to serve our citizens and visitors whenever we are needed. Our three-man department provides police protection through the majority of the day with the remainder covered by the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office.  We care about each and every citizen in our Town and want to ensure they have a safe place to live, shop, and play. We are not only your police department but your neighbors and part of the community as well. Whether it’s the small town feel, the good food, Veteran’s Park, the shops, or the history that brings you here we hope you enjoy your stay.

Our Mission

The Pendleton Police Department will protect our community from harm and proactively reduce criminal activities in a professional, effective and just manner.

Our Values

Duty: We will protect the citizens of the Town of Pendleton, and their property, from those who would seek to do them harm. We will work diligently to ensure the safety of our Town and its people.

Honor: We represent the Town of Pendleton and will do so honorably in a way to fulfill the expectations of our citizens and the ideals of our profession.

Courage: We will face the dangers and evils that threaten our community with resolve and determination. We will not shirk from enforcing the law and providing safety to those under our protection.

Integrity: We realize we hold a public trust and will do so exhibiting upstanding, fair, and ethical behavior. We will conduct ourselves in a manner to inspire confidence and respect in our profession.

Respect: We care about the citizens we serve and recognize everyone should be treated justly. We will be compassionate and empathetic to victims of crime and treat those who violate the law with fairness and dignity.

Service: We exist to serve the citizens of the Town of Pendleton. We serve by providing aid and assistance to victims of crime, protection and security to our citizens and enforcing the laws of the United States of America, the State of South Carolina, and the Town of Pendleton.

Community: We are part of the diverse group of individuals, businesses, and organizations that comprise our Town. We strive for the success of each individual, business, and organization by doing our part to keep our community safe and secure.

Professionalism: We will study, train, and maintain the skills and competencies which will allow us to provide the best service to the citizens we serve. We will conduct ourselves with confidence, compassion, and good character.

Robert Crosby
Police Chief

The department is housed in the Town of Pendleton Municipal Complex located at 310 Greenville Street, Pendleton, SC 29670. You may reach Administration by calling 864-646-9409.

The Pendleton Police Department has implemented a community outreach program for our seniors called Pendleton’s Uplift Program for Seniors or “PUPS” for short. This program is designed to help our seniors maintain independent living in their own home. To access the enrollment and waiver please click the links below.


On October 5, 2015, Doyle Burdette was sworn in as Police Chief for the newly reestablished Pendleton Police Department. After 10 years of police coverage by Anderson County Sheriff’s Department, Town leaders made the decision to restore the Department.

Ceremony Kicking Off the Reestablished Police Department